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Official 2015 FAI Cup Final Thread | Cork City v Dundalk

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Hey just said I would resurrect this thread to inform everyone I got a letter from Iaranroid Eireann on Monday apologising for the ****-up with the train not stopping in Mallow the day of the cup final. Better still I was offered two return train tickets from Cork to Mallow for anytime in 2016. :)

I'll definitely take them up on that, a nice Christmas present to get. I presume everyone else who was left on the platform got the same?

Just letting everyone know that the guy from Irish Rail turned out to be a bulshitter. I rang him saying I would take him up on his offer of the free train tickets because of the ****-up the day of the cup final. He was all over me and saying he'd be delighted to do it etc. Gave me his email address and told me to send him on the dates and times of the trains I wanted. I did that but he never booked them. I emailed him a good few times to remind him and I know for a fact the emails reached him and were read because I put a read receipt on them (came back as read). I also rang him but got no reply (as I assume he saw my number come up on caller ID and wouldn't answer). Just wondering if anyone else got the same letter as I did and did he pull the same stunt with them?

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This thread is from a time when Dundalk used to beat us regularly.:-) 


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