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  1. RT @CorkCityWFC: Evelyns teammates form a guard of honour as she leaves the pitch https://t.co/o9dLha3DJR

  2. Two legends. All the best @Seani_Maguire_ & @kevoconnor12 . Thanks for everything ! ?? #CCFC84 https://t.co/QsNoQQI1YA

  3. ???????????? https://t.co/9RLF9FaUig

  4. #WorkWorkWorkWorkWork #CCFC84 https://t.co/Bvg1jcaxER

  5. @jamesgreenham @eirSport @CorkCityFC Cheers James! Looking forward to the game now.

  6. @GarethCambridge @thebtownbar @CorkCityFC McGregor Money

  7. RT @FAIreland: ? We visited 7️⃣ clubs at the #FoF17 today! Want to see what happened? Head to our @instagram story ▶️ https://t.co/fVylHnfh…

  8. @Seani_Maguire_ Well designed :P Fair play @tonymtobin1 #ccfc84

  9. A match poster a day, keeps the doctor away. #ccfc84 #cityineurope https://t.co/WeiduBk81J

  10. Jeez, two signings at midnight. You're up late @nealefenn #GreatestLeagueInTheWorld https://t.co/uByDas4YIb

  11. @NathanKelly_ He’s top class in front of the media like that. A bit like marmite on stage without the media to bounce off.

  12. Forget that other fight, this is the one we all wanna see ! #ManOnFire #CCFC84 https://t.co/rY7Yqi8AcZ

  13. Any snipers in the house tonight ? #MayMacWorldTour https://t.co/U743YeayQ5

  14. That’s a wrap from me for this week folks. Time to enjoy the game. #CityInEurope #CCFC84 https://t.co/7Hqxut1cB0

  15. Fair play to @TheNotoriousMMA and @FloydMayweather doing their bit to promote @CorkCityFC in the Europa League.… https://t.co/lns22SuZmJ

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