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  1. even conor is editing posts in our forum :lol2: our forum should be free of edits
  2. always wanted to know how many people went to view new posts. mustnt be many or we would have been found ages ago :lol2:
  3. just as long as you keep our secret quiet :lol2:
  4. hey conor. get out. this is our secret forum
  5. Dunnocks


    Mod Edit (C74) - come on, you know the story with trolling. No more references to real fans or fans on the site. If you want, PM whoever you think is up there with you in the fan stakes... just edited topic title. fans forum might make us easily found :lol2:
  6. yeah. just put my 2 mini dvs onto dvd so i can use them again tomorrow
  7. its great to come to our little hideaway :lol2:
  8. nah biy..its good to have peace and quiet away from the mods though
  9. time to take a break from the other forum. off i go to my hideaway. you about scotty?
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