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  1. Hi Philip, €20 sent.


  2. Hi Steveoc,

    I saw you say that you're getting the train from Cork to Belfast on Thursday at 9:20. I was thinking of getting the same train. Most people I know can't get the time off so I'll be on my own. Do you know are there many going on that train? Don't fancy hanging around Belfast on my own though there was no trouble the last time City played there. Also, I wasn't able to get to go to Bishopstown to get tickets today or over the last few days. Do you know if it'd be possible to get tickets tomorrow or in Belfast on Thursday? Don't want to be in with the Linfield fans. Thanks.

    1. Steveoc


      Hi James,

                 I only saw your message now.    I don't know how many are going on that train other than my son and myself.

      With regard to tickets, your best bet would be to give Eanna a ring in the club office. I don't think tickets will be available for the away end in Belfast.



    2. james0110


      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your reply. Éanna has said that last night was the last chance to buy tickets for the game in Belfast and that Linfield have said that tickets will not be sold to Cork City supporters at the ground. Looks like I'm not going to make it now. Pity. Thanks anyway for getting back to me.



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