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  1. RT @SoccerSt_: Steven Gerrard arrives in Los Angeles and is welcomed by less than 5 fans.. http://t.co/SzFUuG35FI

  2. RT @Herrerinho: These Canadian players are killing me

  3. RT @WallStreetWoIf: Why settle for average when you can be the ******* best.

  4. Same **** every night

  5. Anyone else want in?

  6. Even if its true wont believe till Sky Sports News say something about it or The Club Announce it

  7. RT @Youngology: Ed Woodward has singlehandedly started a war in Madrid IMO

  8. RT @Gav_Holohan34: Trek to Derry begins said I'd jump in with @MickRing83 half way, long journey with his banter

  9. Wonder if asking for a chance to apologise is to much

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