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  1. Is that you in the photo? If it is I agree with all your opinions.

  2. Regarding your personal statement:

    If you lived everyday as if it was your last you'd be ****ed the following day.

  3. This fella is always taking the piss. He should be banned for life. He makes me sooooo angry.

  4. Why don't you post something now that you are back looking at posts again.

  5. Are you an Owl by any chance?

  6. I've just looked in the mirror and then I fainted, not only intelligent, witty,incisive, but handsome too... **** it's great being Groucho.

  7. Who the **** is kushal

  8. Are you nobility?

  9. Bring Dunnocks back. Whatever he did he deserves to be allowed back now.

  10. You are extremely quiet lately, is the computer after breaking down?

  11. You just got better Groucho, you the man.

  12. Your still the best, if not better.

  13. Always has intelligent, thoughtfu posts into Cork City FC and hasn't been wrong on anything yet.

  14. Your the best Groucho.

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