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  1. Got I'd in Tesco they thought I was an under cover gard. Nivea face cream lads works a treat.

  2. Athlectico were robbed. Goalie scores a superb goal and a penalty at the end

  3. Half an hour to a week of freedom

  4. The only thing to do on the first Monday morning in work of the new year is plan ones summer holiday. Open to suggestions. Take into account price before you suggest something like a month in Cancun or the likes.

  5. No Wade or Huybrechts in the premier league strange call.

  6. Darts on and pizza ordered night sorted.

  7. Finally reset my phone so it would update apps and it doesnt seem like I have lost my numbers.

  8. If it stays dry there is some great drying outside.

  9. Night in with the big fat quiz of the year me thinks.

  10. Nap went on a bit long. Time to get *** in gear, pints to be had.

  11. In rome, 3 pints deep and already been challenged to a friendly, I do take takling **** to new levels

  12. Saturday night in. Least there is good boxing on.

  13. Another classic ucc darts Christmas party. Write off

  14. How old is that gomez girl?

  15. Work in six hours seems like **** crack

  16. Great 5-0 win tonight. Tj that doubles next week may aswell have our name on it

  17. Pisa Half Marathon booked, no drink after the Jazz, unless of course there is a really good reason too, be rude not to then. 7 weeks and counting.

  18. Work early in the morning. Beverly Hills Cops 3 comes on

  19. Best training session in a while . Bate.

  20. Ladies football final is madness

  21. On a positive note San Marino scored tonight

  22. this running stuff is way harder than it looked

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