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  1. Looking for a few more fantasy football leagues to enter - post codes below (hopefully)

  2. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders...... goals on sunday cant come back fast enough

  3. Sad to hear about another young sports person dying due to cardiac issues. Screenings need to become manditory like they are in italy.RIP Christian

  4. Made a kenan and kell reference and no one got it ...... sad times

  5. gets to the lab for 10.30 and can't get access to the server I need. Best just head home

  6. Hard to get work done with the golden girls marathon on

  7. Should have gone out

  8. Delighted silva got done

  9. Gets to work for 7.50 only to realise he isnt in till tomorrow.

  10. Old lads next to me suited uo for flight to the states. Class really is permant, feel under dressed.

  11. Sad the level of excitement the transfer forms for next season brought me when they arrived. Need to do something other then watching shipping wars today

  12. Needs to get outa bed

  13. Cannot wait for game 7

  14. Six years down the road and still cant get to the last week before payday with money

  15. Jimmy Davis legend of the game. Won 72 throphies in his career. Waterloo dock won't be the same

  16. Flights booked for Boston 12th to the 17th of June. Cannot wait

  17. No hope of a power nap at this hour

  18. Haha now that was too easy

  19. Any work people fancy coming in to cover few hours for me. Im on to 11. Favour will be returned along with a bottle of your drink of choice

  20. Feeling like its time for the game changer

  21. Offically throwing my name in the ring to be Pope. All support appreciated

  22. Lad in subway asked for butter . First timer

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