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  1. Nearly had a minor heart attack there when man united's Anderson came strolling in around carrolls! Turns out it was just a really black guy that looked the bop off him! Honestly!

  2. right .. so ive a choice of either going to lil wayne concert or eminem concert.... I think Eminem wins by a mile... 8 miles in fact!

  3. To the French couple sitting opposite me in the library.. I don't care what language u speak but understand this: shut the hell up!!! #GonaFailThisExamRegardless

  4. Messi could have won X Factor tonight if he wanted to.

  5. Why is town so busy... Im not buying Christmas presents... All i want is my goddamn lunch!!! :(

  6. Procrastination has hit an all time low...... Watching arsenal in champions league haha

  7. Best of luck to UCC J3s in their top of the table clash with Richmond on this scorcher of a day! #TitleContenders

  8. Getn outta bed today was some fierce struggle!

  9. Roddy Collins new Chelsea manager

  10. astro at 9 is cancelled lads, nemo didnt have a free pitch. cant text cos i got a new phone haha Mark Eaton Timmy Byrne Brian Hartnett Kevin Downey Kevy Bray Richie Laide and anyone else that was gona play i hope u all see this

  11. bad curry. shat enough bricks to build pyramids.

  12. forgive me if i sound stupid.. has anyone upgraded to windows 8 after downloading it through dreamspark? I'm in a bit of a tangle trying to open it..

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