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  1. So disappointed with city's performance last night - too many of our key players off their game. Team selection - Beattie is not RB - sort this out but to be fair he puts in a great shift - would never fault his commitment and o'connor as well although his second half performance was better than first. Browne great player and puts in good shift but needs to improve pace - one on one he can make rash decisions as he has been caught on pace. We need long-term solution for Bennett. Morrisey and Bolger cannot fault commitment but why do they not move the ball quicker and lose the ball when closed down quickly - forward play please stop playing the ball back - we make things more difficult for ourselves. Give young morrisey more game time he needs it. Maguire was not at the races tonight and sull better second half but stop going down looking for penalties - this is ruining our game - we are better than this. Stamp this out quick! Dooley tried and to be fair just had an off night but some of our first choice players need to look at their own performance. Long-term injuries are killing us - squad rotation - these are main squad players that are missing most or all of season so this needs to be looked at - when we are tight on numbers in positions. To me we could look at clearing a few end of season - we struggle with pace at times and when we do play attacking football in and around the box we play backwards - play more direct and stop with the extra touches as we get closed down and lose the ball easily. Lastly can we please sort out the free kicks and corners   - have we no-one to take these - Kevin isn't bad but we need others so practice these please. Nuts okay he did have a shocker but look he is a good keeper - has got out of a few sticky situations - defence and nuts needs to communicate better but we first need to get a stable back four all these changes in positions is hurting players and is not working!

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