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  1. The worst thing about not having sky is that I don't get to watch unsolved mysteries anymore :(

  2. My life is v.boring atm

  3. aaaaaaaannnd it's gone

  4. AT first a few weeks ago it was a muttering, a muttering that became a chant, a chant that became a roar, a dream that has become reality

  5. I thought Nathan Carter was black. Learn something new everyday

  6. whats the point in taking him off ffs

  7. That Scottish anthem was fairly unreal tbf

  8. Austria 7/1 to beat brazil. Seen stranger things happen..

  9. 359-14-11 0.27 goals conceded per match That is absolutely outrageous

  10. my phone always exits the internet without doing anyting+my keyboard always disappears and it makes me want to throw my phone out the window

  11. League 2 is a load of **** compared to the scottish league and irish league. Cant believe he turned down kilmarnock for that league

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