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  1. Je suis Thomas Conway

  2. Well said Breda girl....lol

  3. "I was meeting him for about 35 minutes" says Ciara Clarke Laura Cummins

  4. Congrats to everyone who was elected tonight, especially John as auditor, huge respect to Lucy for her campaign also. It has been a pleasure to serve with everyone on the outgoing committee this year.

  5. Anybody who isn't yet registered and would like to be can do so here!

  6. Waiting for the skywagon to stop overheating

  7. Just commented on The Journal.ie: "Straight to the polling booth after mass for..."

  8. Happy birthday ya big cabbage

  9. James Madden yippee

  10. Cannot recommend Ian highly enough for education rep, a more genuine hardworking guy you will not meet. Vote for Ian! #hutchcanhelp

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