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  1. Hi there, i'd need a ticket. Is it still available?

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    2. DatDuck


      Ya i can meet ya at 8 in front of Fionnbarra's if that suits yourself

    3. GianTN


      grand! Thanks a lot. See you there.

      087 1152101 just in case

    4. GianTN


      Thanks a lot!

  2. I'll be in Belfast with a spare ticket from Thurs am. PM be back if you need it.

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    2. London Exile

      London Exile

      GianTN, my buddy has just been told he can get off work and needs his ticket now. Sorry for messing you around. Let me know if you ate still stuck on Thurs as I'm likely to be with guys who'll have a spare. There's also a spare available from DatDuck on the forum. Apologies again. 

    3. GianTN


      no problem, if you get to have another ticket get in touch please. I am going to Belfast regardless and might buy a ticket for the home stand, but it's not the best option.

    4. London Exile

      London Exile

      Text me on Thurs if stuck, you're guaranteed an away ticket. PM Datduck on the forum, we has one.

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